Spanish conversation club - June

  • Gain confidence speaking Spanish while making new friends.
  • Expand your vocabulary with guided activities.
  • Learn more about Colombian culture and customs.

No matter your level, everyone is welcome!

You can attend one, two, or all three sessions.

One session ........................... $14 usd/eur
Two sessions ......................... $24 usd/eur ($12 per session).
And all three sessions ......... $30 usd/eur ($10 per session).

What do we offer?

Spanish Classes


You can connect from anywhere in the world to learn or improve your Spanish with a native and certified teacher.


Your teacher will go to your office, your workplace or your home depending on your needs and accommodating to your schedule.


You can learn Spanish with the best and most fun group activities guided by a certified teachers with your friends, family or coworkers.


Anna Cheal
Utah, USA

" It's a lot of time and attention it's put into every single lesson based on your preferences and your learning styles which I think has made the biggest difference for me "

Adelina & Henry

Oregon, USA

"Classes have been great. there's a lot of different activities that we've been doing and I feel like we've both learned a lot so far."

Janae Weaver

Idaho, USA

"I have been studying with a teacher from Spanish a la Colombiana and we get to do a lot of different games. It's been really fun getting to learn Spanish with her."

David Houška

Prague, Czech Republic

"Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to improve Spanish or even to an asolute beginner."

Ingrid Broad

London, England

"Classes are fun, and I've really enjoyed them. I recommend her highly."

Lucia Monte

Vermont, USA

"I am so much more confident in my speaking abilities now. I highly recommend."

About this

Why Spanish a la Colombiana?

In the Colombian capital you will find the ideal accent to start learning Spanish, that will help you expand your vocabulary and have more confidence in yourself when speaking Spanish. Colombia is also a wonderful country and has an enormous cultural and natural diversity. For that reason we invite you to learn Spanish in the Colombian way with native teachers who will guide you in your learning not only in the language of Spanish but also in the culture of one of the best Latin American paradises. 

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