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Marisol Contreras

Colombian Spanish Teacher

¡Mucho gusto! I am Marisol, a certified Spanish teacher from Colombia, Founder of Spanish a la Colombiana. I have a degree in Spanish Language from Universidad Distrital in Bogotá, Colombia. I also completed a diploma program at Instituto Caro y Cuervo, specializing in the creation and implementation of teaching resources for learning Spanish.

With over 5 years of experience, I've had the privilege of helping numerous students improve their Spanish skills and achieve their learning goals. I firmly believe in tailoring classes to the individual needs of students, whether it's to develop fluent communication skills, prepare for an exam, or simply enjoy the language. That's why I created Spanish a la Colombiana. My goal is to reach more students along with other Colombian teachers to teach this beautiful culture through our language in a dynamic and fun way.

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What it's Spanish a la Colombiana?

About this project

Spanish a la Colombiana is a project of a native Spanish-speaking teacher from Bogotá, Colombia who seeks to share the different aspects of Spanish and Colombian Culture through educational videos, virtual or in-person classes, activities, exercises, games, etc.

In the Colombian capital you will find the ideal accent to start understanding Spanish, that will help you expand your vocabulary and have more confidence in yourself when speaking Spanish. 

Colombia is also a wonderful country and has an enormous cultural and natural diversity. For that reason we invite you to learn Spanish in the Colombian way with native teachers who will guide you in your learning not only in the language of Spanish but also in the culture of one of the best Latin American paradises. 

Creating a habit and having direct contact with the language every day makes it easier to learn. That's why in Spanish a la Colombiana you will have all the necessary tools so you can acquire one of the most spoken languages in the world.